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   We are very excited to be participating in clinical research for the advancement of new medications and medical devices and improving already FDA approved medicines. 


Clinical research uncovers new information about medical conditions and possible therapies.  Your involvement in clinical research studies could help in the

development of new treatments and ultimately improve our healthcare options.

   Please click on the logo to take you to our website for more information on the current clinical studies underway at our office or if you have any questions regarding

participating in clinical trials. 

    www.solarisclinicalresearch.com    208-288-0123

Making Office Appointments      
     Existing patients should sign up for our patient portal -- you can request appointment and refills online.  We find it necessary to schedule office visits by appointment.  This allows us to provide adequate time for your care.  Please come 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to allow for the necessary forms to be completed prior to being seen.
    Patients obviously do become ill at unexpected times and emergencies do occur.  Because of this, occasional delays in the schedule will occur.  We realize that your time is valuable, so if a delay is anticipated, we will notify you.  
     If you need to be seen on a day when you do not have an appointment, please call our office early in the morning and we will do our best to see you, and will let you know what time to come in.  If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please notify our office as soon as possible.  To avoid a missed appointment charge kindly call the office at least 24 hours ahead to cancel.  We are unable to continue seeing patients who repeatedly miss appointments.  Your courtesy allows us to see another patient in your place.​

 Office Telephone Policy

    All phone calls are screened by our office staff.  This allows us to spend more time with you and our patients and does not disrupt patient care.  Specific times are set aside for returning phone messages.  Also, please remember that extensive advice can not be given without an examination, so you may be asked to make an appointment.
    Please do not call requesting results of your lab tests ahead of your next appointment unless you are specifically asked by us to do so.  Anxieties about results should be eased by remembering that in the event of a dangerously abnormal result, you will be notified immediately.

​Prescriptions & Refills   
     Prescription refills will be hastened if you have your pharmacist fax us.  We will refill prescriptions within 48 hours of your request.  The refill will take up to 5 working days if it is for a controlled substance.    However, regular office visits are still necessary for long-term usage of most medications, and we prefer to refill your medications when you are seen in the office.  Therefore, we ask that you bring all medications needing to be refilled and we will ensure that you have enough medication to last until your next visit.  Long term prescriptions are to be refilled at time of annual examination. 

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